• Aedan Tanner

What We Are | (It's Love)

The body is made up of three things: in the mind is awareness, in the gut is presence, and in the heart is choice.

The heart is our guide: choice is a more tangible and warm essence. Awareness and Presence are merely words to describe the human experience of sense perception. Beyond that, in the middle of our body, is our higher self.

Choice, however, is our god experience. How we decide to do anything! How we make so much misery or ecstasy. It's all up to us, individually AND collectively, to choose a better life.

The fourth thing that encompasses us all is LOVE. It binds us and makes presence, awareness, and choice possible. In LOVE nothing bad can happen. In LOVE only lessons of life-well-lived are seen. In LOVE we are all connected as well as separate to choose our own path...

Choice, Awareness, Presence all form into the trinity of human experience. And LOVE is what grounds us to the essential nature of existence. Not as a word, but as a being. A being of tangible LOVE, harmony, truth, ecstasy, connection.

All in All, every word we come up with is just a synonym for LOVE.

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