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What is Kundalini? | Breaking Down the Mysticism & Being Real about Embodiment

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Kundalini is not spiritual or mystic or mumbo-jumbo. It's BS if anyone says, "my kundalini is awake, is yours?" Beware a spiritual ego trying to make you feel less-than.

Writhing in my body is a creative force rewriting my DNA, brain wave patterns, and nervous system. It's simple, scientific, and easily recreated with the practices of self-worth and self-expression. Meditation, mindfulness, and embodiment practices like yoga or qui gong are merely tools for you to ignite that creative fire in your gut.

I am inspired, enspirited, enlived, and engrossed with creative dragonfire, not burning and destroying but reshaping reality around me.

Do you wish to create, to be free, to heal at amazing rates? Then you, my friend, are in touch with the dancing and beautiful kundalini happening.

So my creative drive is to write and motivate and inspire you to embody. When we come back to loving and nourishing the body, it gives us infinite rewards. The mind, the body, the heart are all to be loved, and shared, and held within, then you can shine!

I share, I focus, I spread my craft. The craft, the magic in words, wit, wonder, and wile.

It's not distraction to be clever, but of utmost merit and grounded exuberance to utter and yop words of silly, sopping ecstasy. Ecstasy in seeing parts of you you thought were separate and opposite. It is all just energies within that you can play with in this sandbox of Life.

The masculine energy is one of tool, to use everything, every instance, endeavor, lesson, person, app, and suffering, fearsome, grueling to build upon, to become that Tower of Babylon we thought lost. Not objectifying anyone or anything, but become the grand subject, sovereign in your chosen world.

The feminine though...she needs nothing, fears nothing, is nothing, but the expanse of time, memory, and rhyme. A pure, unending wombspace of creative joyful, abundant, slathering of rainbow-colored paint onto the canvas of space.

That space? The one in front of you, as you move, and fill your birthright: your destiny to be YOU.

Here's where it get's more energetically fun and healing. If you wish to see yourself as whole you must relax into new energies as opposed to holding onto old habits. I recommend working with serpentine to clear all of the body of blockages and kinks. Here's a definition from healingcrystals.com.

So the kundalini doesn't move up from the base of the spine. Nor does it come down through the head. It just is occurring, neither up nor down, in nor out. It's simply relaxing into the now. No mysticism or anything. It is spirit moving you. A full human being is mind, body, AND spirit. All three connect us to the majesty of this universe.

You are complete. That's Kundalini's message. And when we glue the pieces of our soul back together we are healthy. The merging of masculine and feminine is of utmost yearned for by Gaia so we can heal our past indiscretions, discreditation, discrimination, manipulation, and disregard for our home.

When we allow ourselves to be nourished and captivated by the mesmerizing force of source masquerading as YOU and all that you do, see, feel, and fondle a meaning out of, we become true creators.

I just am vessel, channel, circuit, and conduit for the word or resonance you wish to derive from this. Feel free to dive into this. When you wish to drive into the sunset of your wishes, dreams, hopes, and passionate ways you heal us all. I am just you reaching out through my words; do what you will with them. Honestly, I don't mind or care.

What you do with your own words is up to you...

Just rest in your heart and words lose meaning. The kundalini only moves out from the heart and is the healing force of healing. It's directionless, but is wellness embodied. It is "spirit" relaxing as you. Relax your physical body down to the cells, relax you emotional body down to the shames, relax the mental body down to the core beliefs.

This is freedom resting as freedom.


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