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The Teacher or Healer Archetype | Being Okay with Global Healing

We all wish to be helpful at some level. No matter how inspired & caring or misguided & egotistic, we will either support or hinder based on the receptivity of the person wanting help. When anyone reaches out with communication we wish for help/connection.

Wellness is apparent at the most base human level. We are a tribe of one and when someone comes with advice or they feel to be wanting to “heal” you, it is just this nature of love.

If you are triggered or uncomfortable in receiving healing words or actions or are disgusted by someone’s intention, this is a call to move further into the void of inhumanity within you. We are all humans, capable of violence and harm and disgusting actions, but this is not our truth. The person trying to teach or heal should also look deeper at the why they feel the need to fix a situation or person. We are all in this together: giving and taking are fading away into receptivity, gratitude, and generosity.

We are healers at a cellular level; we are like cats who purr when comfortable and intimately secure or a dog licking a wound. We do it automatically & re-actively when we see health and wellness as not present. The more present we are, the more we can respond to what is called for to ensure wellness and the betterment of humanity.

Yes, we are capable of those dastardly things listed, but we are more capable of community, cooperation, and wellness. Nothing NEEDS to be healed; there is no need to judge or fix any problem. Yet, when we relax our preference of self-reliance and independence, we become more united, free, and abundant in societal values.

When we relax into FEELING global and personal abundance & support, we are ALL healed—every human, animal, and the ecosystem in whole. The earth is not calling for us to wake up and fix the problem; the earth is merely showing us how self-destructive we are. If it gets too bad, she’ll just shrug us off like we are fleas on a dog. Instead, if we believe in interdependence then a perfect relationship can occur.

Gaia is our greatest healer and teacher; our silly human ways pale in comparison. 😊

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