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The Source of Wellbeing | A Channeling on "What the Hell is Happening to Us?"

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

When I go thru my own suffering, it comes down to a detoxification or a reframing process; basically, this is clearing myself of the old and subsequently seeing from a new perspective. I can have medical issues like seizures, headaches, teeth chattering, and an inability to speak; sometimes I have bouts of depression or rage or just feeling self-pity. Many “awful” things arise to be seen. I rest in awareness and it always passes.

There is a rhyme & reason to the madness...

This move from feeling unworthiness/brokenness to feeling grandiose/inspired happens to give us contrast—the dark sees the light and is ALWAYS embraced. All the “old” perspectives of dirtiness, death, insanity, control-structures, manipulation, apocalypse, demonry, and witchcraft are being expunged. These just feel gross and need to be brought to the light.

When we ask for help, receiving Angelic Light is a better answer than looking into darkness and only getting silence. No one is alone and support is always available.

We are holders of old books when we identify with the library of THE HUMAN CONDITION—we need not burn the old or let go or even surrender. Misery can transform into liberation if we just give space to that which is coming thru...

We are keepers of the moment: whatever is happening now is in alignment with what is the best benefit to all. Does whatever is happening in this moment feel better than in previous moments? If yes, then keep going. If it feels old and stuck, discard it; instead, hold exuberance and enthusiasm as these frequencies replace discontent.

Below is a channeling. I tapped into this “higher” perspective when I was previously mired in the old, “lower” perspective. The body is caught in old ways: it sucks. Yet, with faith and enough time, I then can experience lucidity. I “remember” who I am.

The more we hold the frequency of abundance and wholeness, the more these old, stuck ways can dissolve—not necessarily as illusion, but as truths giving way to more capable truths. We are ready and capable to hear the grandest truth of all: Source comes thru us when we least expect it: always...

I wish to share about Kundalini and Shakti, not as “energies” or “deities” moving thru us, but as practical things that happen in daily life. These two occurrences are here to give us a move from the past and into the future.

Kundalini is the transition of a physical body into a body of light; it is a constant process spanning every lifetime. A light body is merely a sign that you have chosen to grow from your past; it is not something we obtain or gain. There is no status symbolism of having your Kundalini “active.” Are you alive? Then it is active: some people just identify and “suffer” with it; others are blissfully doing other things. Basically, Kundalini is the past unburdening and being seen/felt in the PRESENT moment.

Likewise, Shakti is the future streaming thru our senses into the PRESENT moment. Shakti transmission is the condensed (and oft times garbled or indecipherable) message of Spirit, i.e. Source—this heard, seen, or felt connection is divine light bridging the “gap” between holy & human. They are one and the same in realization. This Shakti transmission is “sent” or “realized” via another being who is attuned to the light codes of God Consciousness, i.e. Source in a material form—be it extraterrestrial, other-worldly, or as communication between “separate” selves in one realm (YouTube broadcasting for instance). Everything is hear to help you and everything is Shakti or Source speaking to you at various levels of might.

Below is what Shakti is coming thru to be heard:

Kundalini, unfortunately, is a “process” based on current understanding; some of those who DO believe in this phenomenon view it as a goal or endpoint when in truth it is just the All-Body, i.e. God Consciousness, realizing Source thru a human vehicle.

Kundalini, fortunately, is an abundant singularity or spectacle of learning! Evolution, growth, Self-development are all signs that Kundalini is active in all of us, personally and collectively. Past and future become one when we integrate and wish to move on...

When Kundalini is held as a “concept” or a “process” it becomes a never-ending trudge thru the universe; when Kundalini is held as an “energy” flowing thru us or a “deity” from beyond, then it becomes a drug that is moving thru the body and controlling our actions.

I must emphasize that you as Source always have a choice; and you as Source are always in control, self-possessed, and capable of great endeavors. Forget the spiritual journey and instead embrace the human collaboration: peace, connection, and a yearning for progress, truth, understanding, and belonging.

Kundalini is only a process when time is taken into consideration. Stop considering time and instead consider the health of your body; Kundalini is your nervous system also learning trust and creativity. Kundalini is not disembodiment or trying to escape; it is learning the innate love of your human body!

I urge that whatever is “happening” is a much better word or viewpoint than seeing Kundalini as a “processing” of density, pain, trauma, or drama. A shift from past/future living to living in the moment gives us clarity, peace, and embodied movement.

The solace is that collectively we are dropping density (old, harmful perspectives); furthermore, we also no longer need to rely on a sage or guru to be the satellite dish (in a sense) for the divine pulling Source energy into this realm. Enlightenment is not a status, but a truth you can tap into like plugging your USB cord into an outlet. We are the cell phones of God. We are the receivers of consciousness becoming more conscious. We are the wellspring that we can drink from when thirsty.

All is well and perfectly happening. We are dropping density and language that no longer serves civilization. It is a time of celebration and togetherness! We gain belonging or clarity (one and the same) when we give peace to this Kundalini “happening.” Merely rest in the fact that all is occurring to benefit Source—and we are all a part and whole of Source.


Anything you focus on is Shakti transmission, so choose wisely. You can be a receptive learner (someone who grows and strives for unity) or one caught in a feedback loop (someone who is conditioned or a zombie shuffling for their next meal). All is here to help us and nothing is stupid (as Matt Kahn has wonderfully shared recently).

Remember who you wish to be. Dream big and come home to your ever-present Source connection.

Remember, you as Source are here to give your gift...

Thanks for reading. And rest in the Nexus of Soul: your heart.


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