• Aedan Tanner

The Color of Light | A Brief Channeling

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

I am an oscillator and frequency raiser. I am whole and complete, and I call for reformation moving up into restoration moving up to regeneration. Heart Love comes from within and bathes each soul and body with the liquid gold of truth, connection, and harmony.

The only lesson here is to be more discerning. Spontaneity is key when acting from a divine masculine essence and a healthy inner child mindset and body re-calibration. Discernment arises when we are in a felt state and an event/situation/person causes that state to waver; you are always at peace, but what is occurring to decrease this peace. Discernment is not instantaneous but is a tool you must continue to trust and recognize as active. What is the feeling state you wish to be in? Imagine that when alone and in peaceful meditation. When activity and in a striving and busy atmosphere, what things are causing that state to disappear? This is discernment. If you choose to heed the warning is where willpower becomes essential. Willpower comes from repeated, healthy actions. It is trial-and-error until it is not. Willpower, like love, is all there is from one perspective. So if you believe you are not able or feel incapable, willpower is merely dormant. Always breathe in that truth and frequency: abundance, joy, spontaneity, harmony, balance, and choice. You do not need to air on the side of caution when fear has fallen away. All is well and you are safe. Remember that.

Thank you for listening. This has been the Color of Light, Herald to All. Imagine the sun is being; the suns rays are one true, joyful emotion emanating. Aren’t the suns rays always warming? The only thing that is cold is that which is blocking the light. Be the Color of Light. Be your higher self. <3


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