• Aedan Tanner

The Art of Surrender | Relaxing the Body is Simple

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Personally, I've been at war for a long time. Inside, outside, not knowing who to trust, who to love, who to call my tribe, family, kin.

Surrender is not about dissolution, absolution, creation, or any other mental mind-fuck.

Surrendering to Spirit is not a call to something larger than you which may just whisk you away from having to suffer, strive, or otherwise be human.

No, surrender is about relearning trust, re-acclimating the body to a world that is not as bad as we thought or experienced once upon a time. The past was a storied warzone, and the future was a fairy tale away from a pain to harsh to bear.

We are not numb or apathetic. We are merely desensitized to the innate ecstasy that can be felt. Holding patterns and violent mindsets can be resensitized to a more subtle, more beautiful way of living. Sensitivity is not a curse, but the most important tool we have to discover the small things that make us happy and fulfilled, as well as how to love and communicate more effectively with others.

The subtleties of sensitivity teach us what is still locked in the body. Not so we can say, "fuck the body, I don't want to be here," but so we can continually integrate harms and hurts that were not felt. More importantly, if you were the one who did the harm and the hurt then to feel that empathically and with a keen compassionate gaze.

The only way to achieve (or re-achieve what was lost) is to practice embodiment: to reacquaint the body with safe places, people, and states of higher joy. The only work we have to do is to feel, radically, deeply, and fully.

It's empowering to embody. There is so much sadness and anger within us as we are locked in states of panic, flight, fight, freeze, or mental-games and attitudes.

I always say, everything is okay. Every choice is. Every event that occurs. Every harm and hurt even because these each teach us the art of discernment and relaxation into a more fully felt now.

I admit that even writing this, expressing my 'truth' is a game to get away from feeling. To get away from the boredom of work. To get away from the body and what I am not seeing, listening to, and feeling. My body is the authority which I let be harassed and affronted and abused. And I admit I was passively and automatically playing my part in many ways too. I am not exempt from pain nor from having caused pain.

I wish to feel fully, not as some masturbatory spiritual endeavor, but to become more spacious and capable of reversing and healing some wrongs done to this earth, to our bodies, and to our minds. I wish to make love to the world around me in an exuberant and uninhibited joy.

I surrender to this reeducation and revitalization currently being called for.

I surrender to the authority, sovereignty, seniority, and absolute power of my body.

I surrender to peace, not as a way away from war within and without. But as a sign and treaty with the wars currently being waged that are too subtle to see, feel, or recognize.

Sincere surrender is to treat our nervous systems as veterans to wars long forgotten, but always forgiven.


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