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Letting Go of the Pain-Body | How to Be More Present with Suffering

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

There is a Cushion at the Bottom of the Bottomless Pit of Pain

Worth is exactly WHAT YOU ARE no matter what is resisting your pure magical awesome 'tude. Your enchanting mystical amazing little self is priceless, plus one.

Pain is held hurt at a cellular level which is there as signifier, tool, and friend. It only feels as you are being slowly poisoned when held onto and not listened to. Like a child within your muscles and tissues and bones having a constant temper tantrum. Check out Eckhart Tolle and his book "The Power of Now" for an explanation of presence and the pain body.

The painting isn't sabotaging you or controlling your life; it's merely giving you painful experiences so you'll finally listen to the pain; so you'll finally recognize self worth as the true body in every experience. Live it says, in pain, or if learned from, in ecstasy. It's your choice. It's a conversation you choose to listen to...

Body: "Hey, Remember that time you were infinitely worthy?" You: "Yeah, always." Body: "Remember when you believed you weren't based on that person's actions and you turned the 'NO, I AM INFINITELY WORTHY IN THIS EXACT MOMENT' inside out into I'm worthless and dumb? And then you held onto it?" Pain: "Hey, Remember me?" You: "Ouch..."

Relax into what's happening. You don't even need affirmations of I AM WORTHY. Just the simple tool of relaxing every molecule into the truth:

Which of these questions feels better? Which is worth more to your soul?

"I am pain trapped in my body."

"I am worth expressing myself as my body."

I understand physical pain; I'm not saying it's fake, or made up, or in your head. No, it's as real as a tiger in your face, growling. Do you take the message, turn, and run? Or do you believe it's just the way it is: oh well...

Worth is all you are. Pain is just a part. Do you take the part and make it your whole process? Or do you make it the hole you're always healing?

How much value and focus is put on pain as opposed to being infinitely valuable as an explorer seeing what it's like to experience the whole cosmos where pain is a merely a GPS for better climates and more authentic connections?

Health means wholeness. Pain means "hear me." Suffering is not listening.

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