• Aedan Tanner

Life is a Maze, Awareness is a Doorway, Love is a Key

Awareness observes and is aware of separation. If separation did not exist in juxtaposition to unity/wholeness, then reality as an observable and experiential reality would not exist.

One Awareness is aware of separation which then separates and divides. A separated Awareness forms consciousness. Awareness coalesces into and is filtered thru Consciousness. Consciousness builds the Etheric/Karmic/Spiritual/Neuspheric, et al. realms. Consciousness is filtered thru the Mind (mental). The Mind is filtered thru the Ego (social). The Ego is filtered thru perception (emotional). Perception is filtered thru the nervous system (physical).

The nervous system is a closed system. If you remain stagnant and identified with trauma/disease/body, then awareness will be stunted by this set of filters. Identification stops the formless (Awareness) from penetrating form (Consciousness on “down”).

Openness and receptivity allow for each circuit to be connected (to relax and merge) which allows Awareness to permeate the body (and vice versa). As the nervous system relaxes, so too does perception, so too does Ego, and so on, “up” to Awareness.

A distinction I would like to make is adding Love to the mix as the binder between from and formless, separation and unity. Adding Love to Awareness gives us that portal into an invisible Awareness. And Loving-Awareness is the recognition that within the Heart-Space all is One. (Physicality=Awareness [minus the hierarchy and explanation])

Awareness is beyond words, beyond, prior to, and without form. Consciousness just Is. This is form, Beingness. That which can be Aware of. Consciousness creates the Mind to differentiate form. The Mind creates ideas/viewpoints to build a/the reality. And the Ego creates ideas/viewpoints to build reality. And the perception creates ideas/viewpoints to build reality. And the nervous system creates ideas/viewpoints to build reality.

Openness and receptivity to feeling, fully, with each system (physical, emotional, social, mental, etc.) one can reach a wider array of Awareness. And Loving-Awareness dawns like a rising sun. It just gets brighter and warmer, without a setting, without an end.

Love is our key towards recognizing separation AND unity. And the doorway is thru Awareness. And the door/lock/knob is everything else… And curiosity, mystery, and wonder are our companions thru the wonderful maze of Life.


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