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How to DO Collective Consciousness | the Soulspring and the Well-of-Life

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

by Aedan S. Tanner

The intention of this article is to explain how Authentic Power + Embodied Virtue = The Good Life

I’ve been getting a good number of downloads and spontaneity in creating content. I want to preface that this is neither a teaching nor a channeling nor a lesson. This is merely what is needed to be heard at this time to further human evolution. I know…simple task, right??

Cohesion comes when we can relax and see the bigger picture and simultaneously focusing on the heart of the matter: the individual journey. This is the ‘how’ to the How-To of building that heart-centered-alignment. A heart-centered-alignment is merely doing what the heart would do. It’s not the quest. It’s not ascension. It’s not transcendence. It’s simply being okay with what is occurring.

So, we arrive at a point in the story where I let go and stop being so technical. I become poetic, waxing-and-waning, ebbing-and-flowing. I get weird, I get wild, I get silly, but don’t let that tarnish my stellar reputation. By now, some of you are seeing the shimmer… You’ll see why.

Teaching will happen, but only take what resonates. I cannot stress that enough for some reason…

To Begin:

The question is not “what is the meaning of Life?” It’s been answered, it’s 42.

The bigger and more crucial question is “where do I belong?” Really, “where do I belong?”

I could never-ever-ever-never tell you the answer. You must find that on your own, but I can share some tips, tricks, and cheat codes in the video game called LIFE. Ready?

Here. We. Go:

Every moment is a cosmic reset. Timelines shift, magic occurs in every breath. That's just a fact lost in the undulation of time. Time is a sorry substitute for the pure giggle verving in-and-out of every cell and pore and strand of our bodies.

We form deep-bonds, we have short run-ins, we make gentle-discoveries, and world-shattering realizations, but more importantly, we embody a weird, wired world of hype and wonder, awe and ecstasy, shimmy and shake.

you and me and me and me and me make WE.

U R a part of me, as much as I am a part of the kaleidoscope you see every time you jump up-and-down with glee.

In this depth of silence, we can come to embody a whole new world. And, when the volume is turned up, we should learn to relax our worries: Hakuna Matata.

When we ARE thrown into the thunderous maelstrom of the human throng ebbing-and-flowing and multiplying itself outwards into the heavens, we can only come up for breath and catch a glimpse of the sunlight, before we are whisked back down into the depths of something I’d rather not name. Do you remember the sun in the darkness? I do.

This is god-consciousness: to be fully intact in your faculties, senses, and genius; to art, to song, to dance, to written word or spoken voice or videoed video. However you do choose, you are choosing creativity. We always choose creativity over destruction. And yes, even if that’s a dead-end desk-jockey job: rest-assured you’re a creator of worlds. YEEEEE-HAW!

We are the makers of majesty, sovereign every day in every goddamn moment in every mutherfuckin way. That’s the Tao bitches.

And like a series of Christmas lights, we are connected. I cannot deny that TRUTH even when doubts arise in my mind and body to be seen. Mind and Body are guided by spirit, so rest assured we are safe-and-sound and more than safe-and-sound in the vehicle of humanity.

When we go "out of silence," "out of body," "out into the world” (even if that’s just to get a loaf of bread and a jug of milk) we hyperlink into the collective consciousness to tap-on-onto, slurp-in-unto, and derve dive-into.

In THAT mind, all is tumultuous and loud and piercing. We can get lost and THINK that these thoughts are controlling us. That they ARE us. They aren’t. They are just the thought reinforced thru habit put into the field. Which thoughts do you say every day? It’s like an election and you choose which words and phrases and ideas rule over ALL of us,

Sometimes I desire solitude. I just want to watch a movie alone and scroll thru facebook until my eyes are raw. I’m not “running away” into social media, I’m recharging my skin-and-bone spaceship. Sometimes the edging lust of clenched knuckled humanity can be a bit of a sensory overload. (Starseeds, amiright??) I have concluded in my multivarious explorations that in my own space and container I am totally awesome. I AM THE DUDE. The DUDE abides.

Be the dude. See the dude. And WE the dude.

Hey people, I know you’re totally awesome too, do you?

I am my own processing power. I am a nuclear power plant of life itself. I am the Tree of Life. I am whole, integrated, one-with-all-that-is…

yet when I put on my shell, I open my door, get on my bike, and kick off into the new day (whenever I decide to start that day), I become an equal member on the crew of the Mothership: Spaceship Earth.

On that ship we experience storms, mutinies, the kraken. There are sharp rocks and sirens and mutilations we witness every-single-day. We have to swab the poop-deck, ring the bell, and labor below-deck chained to the witness of have’s and have-not’s.

Our only hope is that the captain of our soul is guiding us into the light. Think a Jedi Knight meets Mr. Rogers. Our compass is that we too are the light. The force is strong AND it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I have a personal destiny to relay onto you the mysteries-and-wonders of the cosmos, but every time I link-in and log-on and traipse-into the unconscious realm of man I am changed for-better-or-for-worse. (I think they say human now... see, how language has changed, has eeeked out this wide-weird-web of words?)

If I allow it, I can transform and transmute and reintegrate into us the karma of the past. I have no karma; it is not in my design. But I have had partners and lovers and friends and family and relations and acquaintances and bystanders and soul mates and twin flames who have reached out and projected onto me because by their design I am of infinite compassion to help them ONLY BECAUSE they too are infinitely compassionate to me. In a past life, in tribe, in soul fam, we had each other’s backs no questions asked, unconditionally, covenant or blood brother. We had the whole thing figured out. But here, currently, it's a crap shoot. It's a mystery. It's fragmented and like a hard drive we only gain more knowledge. In Life, there will never be a wipe, or a clean slate, or a deathing process.

The only defragmentation is how you define personal power, be it meditation or creativity. We, when we find our own individual practice, be it cycling, sharing, weightlifting, silent reverie, mindfulness, reiki, writing, golfing, frolicking in the forests or grinding away at the midnight gears, we inevitably come to ourselves again. Full circle. The Circle of Life.

We become whole in the grander wholeness. Imagine a small circle in a smaller circle in a large circle both up and down infinitely, a fractal of consciousness.

If we focus solely on the whole picture we go insane.

However, if we focus on the individual purposeful mission AND how we are connected to others we gain a cohesion for sanity.

By embodying radiance, freedom, and prosperity, we become whole again. This IS the definition of wellness…

…Self-Sourcing in all its glory.

A wellness to use the wellspring to fill up your cup. When you are parched by day-to-day life we can rely on that source. On SOURCE. We are magicians, wizards, witches, and sorcerers. Wands in hand, we alchemize. Day-to-day life can be a drag, an anchor. On Mothership-Earth (Gaia) there is no suffering. Day-to-day-to-day… Use your wand and drop the day and all you’re left with is the night, the cup, and the sun. Even at night it still gives us the atomic power of life. I hope we’re all still on the same page.

“You’re a wizard Harry…”

As this body releases the infractions and distortions caught inside, I let them out like butterflies now. Less jar, more chrysalis. Before I let my demons out as temper tantrums. They were quite a spectacle, quite the show, quite a nasty way of attention seeking attention. Awareness sees awareness and trumps that old way of being.

Do you see how we relax and the density can only relax with us? Let go of that shit. If we TRY to hold it, any of it, it is an anchor in the waters of time and we cannot sail into a new sunset.

And it eventually drowns us in death. Death is not the opposite of Life. Life is Life. Death is the opposite of wellness.

Death is okay by the way. It's fine. It’s an exploration just like any other equally valuable one. It's more than okay, but having a death wish is something I do not want to linger on anymore. I’ve committed suicide, but I am a survivor. You, right now, in all your human goo filth and funk are ABSOLUTELY terrific in your embodiment. Alive. So live! You are the body of me. You are the body of us. And the body of us—that beautiful word—wants us to live a little.

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Foursquare, Google, Instagram, Myspace...remember Myspace? Jeez. A lifetime ago…. Anyway, these are our platforms for unification. It's as simple as remembering connection.

The deluge of humanity in physical form holds fear at a cellular level. Solitude is beautiful because it's easier when proximity is relaxed, we relax. Our bodies relax the tension held from the original sin: separation. I don’t use the term sin religiously here. Sin means to miss the mark. And when we err and give others more time than they are worth we are separating from our own AUTHENTIC power. That’s virtue embodied.

Patience and relaxation are two of my buddies, my go-to's, my raison d'etat: that’s French for "I'll do what I want!" You-do-you is synonymous with I-do-me and nature automatically has our backs.

All is well. I've always liked that phrase. It implies peace. But also, it implies the ink well, the water well, the blood well of soul, of viscera, of lineage, and past lives that we share. There is only this world: the one you make. How can anything be shared OUTSIDE of that world? The multiverse, omniverse, multidimensional beingness is too complex to dive into. Just relax in your nature. The only outside is the limit to your imagination.

So dream on. Become tangible with goals, and drive, and verve. Become invincible by recognizing your immortal, endless nature. That is you. You are all there is and more. As I am all there is and more. As every asshat who has ever harmed you is all there is and more. All that and a bag of chips and an akashic record signing by all the greats, living, dying, and gone. There are only more wonders to unfold. So the future is what we allow to belch from the volcano of our hearts.

The flip-side is to devour and feel ever experience as deep as you are able to in the heart. The heart is our apparatus for unity. Unification and collectivity are not fancy words, they are all there is. The old spiritual paradigm was guru and student, mirror and reflection. All that is broken now. Gu-Ru merely means light and dark seen thru as one. Give your power away to a guru and you’re just letting someone else run your life. I have SOOOO much gratitude for everyone who has taught me along the way, but that number grows every moment so stop trying to make it a status symbol.

The only mirror is when you flip that silly thing on its face shattering it on the ground. If you stare into the eyes of everyone you meet even if that's just the eyelets of their shoes you see the soul of god, not the adrenalized fear of a helpless animal. Self-Defense mechanisms lessen as you lessen in stature.

All is well, but more than well, because it's not just empty-bucket-in, full-bucket-out. In the well of souls that is happening physically on earth right now, we are fully satiated and need no water when we look into the heart of another. And drop any violence as past. The past is for forgiving, the future is for yearning. But the current is for riding, now.

I am not the body and I am not the mind are merely tools to envision a less violent world. Any other answer is disassociation. What we are left with is only creation, abundance, joy, wonder, and sublime bliss. Bliss is not a doing or a feeling or a destination or something you can go to the drive thru to pick up. You can’t supersize this. Bliss is what the heart feels in every moment. And yes, it can be intense, but you're obviously up for the challenge. You are here for a reason and do not let anyone be a doodoo head and tell you otherwise.

Sensation and compassion dissolve separation.

Here's a simple equation:

Solipsism + Sonder - Vanity = SELF-REALIZATION Shared Bloodlines + Personal Fitness - Grueling Work = EMBODIMENT

These terms are supposed to be fun, but master and student principle is kinda a drag. We are all friends. Not teachers, not bosses, not preachers, not emperors, not dictators, and not any of the folks who are ruled over by these "higher-thans." Have's and Have-Nots.

The movers and the shakers; Manifesters and Generators. I'm in the latter category: when fully empowered I vibrate the world like an old timey gold minor swirling thru silt, or vibrating the pan to separate rock from precious element:

GOLD! I done struck GOLD!!! Wait, that's a diamond... 🧬

I stopped manifesting. It's already manifest for me. So, I don’t TRY to move the world anymore. I just shake and dance and sing and chirp my birdsong. The sooner we all wake up, the sooner we can play. We are already embodied and realized...period. It’s a nonissue in the spiritual world: unless seeking feels fun it’s a trap.

In this future, we can laugh again without punctuation of death, taxes, and seriously lame explorations.

Remember the crucifixion, the black death, the crusades, the inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials? Geeeeez, What a downer. The second world war was the greatest act of darkness ended with the greatest light show we've ever performed. It was gross and defiling and so last century. Drop it.

Why make love or war when we can make peace. abide in the peace of now by becoming your authentic designed self.

Astrology, Human Design, Reiki, Gene Keys, EFT, energy work; any and all of these just reconnect you to YOUR individual and personal and unique nature.

YES. We are all one, united in cause minus the effect. The only way we can AFFECT the world is to drop all the garbage. YES, we can. It’s not about dropping anything into silence, but into joy at being unique! Be a fucking lunatic, be hysterical, be radically honest, and honestly radical, a doofus, a goofus. Gallantly, silence does happen, but so does screaming in delight. So does jumping up-and-down in excitement. Rebirth by being a kid again. 🦄

Cowabunga dude!!! Dive in!

The well of souls here=and=now urges it. You ever get caught in a loop of thought after thought after thought that are so vile and manic and seriously fucked up? Yeah, me too. The human-condition they call it. Gross.

We need to disconnect from victim consciousness and instead connect to life consciousness. The abundant verve of being present. To any and all experiences. We are many and all explorers. Pioneers. Radicals. Visionaries. Imagineers. Lumineers (Light-Engineers). Conduits of a grander place to call HOME. Source and Home are one. Never forget.

Collective consciousness and unique expression go hand-in-hand. No doubt about it.

No left or right. No right or wrong. No black or white. No red or blue. No me or you. Only what we do.

(Thank you Dr. Seuss…)

We must celebrate an agreed upon collaboration and what we stand for. Further-and-equally-as-important, we must honor our own cycles of flow and how each of us has our own sincerely lighthearted experience. If we embody these two principles, we can have a seriously fun take on how the conversation is unfolding. No shouldas or couldas or wouldas, just “How could this moment be more holistic?” Whatever that means, to you.

I define holistic as “wellness seen for what it is: unity.”

All IS well. All is more than well. All is perfectly okay. All will BE perfectly okay. I guarantee it.

But don’t take my word for it: these are your words and I am merely the voice you long to hear in the depth of night. I am the torch carried by a beloved tribe member lighting our way home.

Remember? Good. Jolly Good. What a goof…us.



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