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How the MacroCosmic-&-MicroCosmic Meet | Body-Awareness, Heart-Passion, & Self-Realization Everyday

There are two realms in ancient Chinese medical and martial arts practicum (like tai chi and chigong): the Earth and Heaven realms.

Simply, Heaven is all we cannot perceive physically and empirically. Heaven is where all creation comes from, even the bad shit. Meaning, when we get thoughts of being worthless, these come from “above” or the higher mind faculties. They are not ours, but are merely in the field. When we clench or hold these ‘ideas’ as true in the cellular structure, this causes stagnation, stress, and ultimately disease and death.

Heaven, though, is where all imagination, love, and possibility come from as well. We can tune into a life we wish to live by unlimiting ourselves and unhitching from old pictures. Heaven is the canvas and the paint. The elements, or Earth, is the painter. We are the painters of reality.

Simply, Earth is the elemental, geological, biological (scientifically perceived) world we live on. We are physically born on earth to give ourselves experiences. The human body is one structure in a long list of evolved processes and beings.

If we follow this process historically and theoretically back, we can view “Earth” as synonymous with “elemental” or “atomic” in nature. The elements formed from fusion furnaces in the center of nebula bodies. Next, compounds built by fission were spread out into the universe. Various structures formed from colliding and separating bodies (matter, planets, stars, etc). which are acted upon by “higher” forces, such as gravity, weak & strong forces, light, and thought. Logical means reasonably structured mental processes (intelligence). Biological is the meeting and organizing of the mind onto biological (carbon-based) structures. Life is the result of Mind and Body; Heaven and Earth!

Some say god, some say science. Both are right: science comes from the explainable, visible universe "below" our feet. God comes from the unknown, unexplainable universe "above. As above, so below. There are not really deities in an anthropomorphic sense. It’s just that the universe is intelligent as well as chaotically inclined. There is order, but also mutation leading to great innovation, evolution, change, and adaptation!

Omnipotence/Community meets being a freak of nature capable of flight. (That’s us.)

Be(e) in flight!

The merging of Heaven and Earth is a common practice in Chigong. Kundalini/Shakti practices are similar in Yogic traditions. This is basically density meeting “light” in these heartfelt bodily practices.

The elemental body can become lighter (aware of “higher” principles) when working with practices that allow for disintegration of the “truth” of pain, trauma, and programming. Pain is an indicator of inflammation and stagnation. Trauma is a pain or hurt that is no longer happening presently but is believed to be a very real possibility (harm is a present danger, hurt is a perceived danger from the past looming over our heads). And programming is a collective belief structure designed to keep us out of pain and trauma and in security and harmony. However, when certain practices are no longer serving the collective, they must be examined. Harmony and service help rebuild trust and "security" as we know it is no longer necessary. Insecurities dissolve when we allow the body to see these temporary bodies as perfect. We can reprogram any thought we believe as a given, from poverty, to war, to death.

The only true program is that which you design to be your ticket towards success, health, and prosperity!

If none of those above thoughts give you peace, drop them and honor the past which they took part in. We are releasing old woes (i.e. programming by parents, authority, society) as well as somatic trauma memorized in our cells. This ‘snapshot’ originally occurred to ‘prepare’ our bodies for similar, future traumatic circumstances. However, these may never come again because daily we are not in a flight or fight (or freeze) scenario. The body is just waiting, and the nervous system is ‘frozen’ or resonating at a neural configuration it believes will ensure safety and survival. It all comes down to survival. However, when thoughts and ideas present you with information that is not conducive to wellness, this belief is ALSO held in the body just as much as physical trauma. Lack-based and fear-based paranoia and anxiety are the accumulation of old programming based on survival. As we evolve into higher animal forms, we can let go of dogma and stricture. Affirmations and mantras work because they override old patterns.

This process, according to Yogic tradition, is called Kundalini (Earth). And its result—the liberation of old pain, stress, anxiety, trauma, and collective misery—allows for tremendous energy and creative potential. Kundalini is the “natural” physical response of the body to release what is stuck within its own structure.

Imagine water as having a specific conscious structure (template), but when ‘feeling’ states are emitted, the water begins to match and resonate at the frequency of the word, emotion, or intent (see Dr. Miamoto). Water is like a computer drive which takes on the information transmitted. If we wish to perpetrate and continue with 'negative' feeling states, then our human bodies as hard drives will hold onto that data of misery. Yoga and Chigong are the hands wringing the sponge (our bodies) of all that old water. How refreshing!

On the other end of the process is Shakti energy (Heaven). According to yogin, this is the energy of cosmic transmission that is teaching you that all that is happening is perfectly aligned with your own soul’s purpose. Human suffering is the ‘germ’ left in the egg of life. There is nothing wrong with human violence, abuse, and general anxiety with death, but it is merely one perspective on the perspective of reality. Violence, death, and pain are not reality, but are commonplace circumstances here on Earth. Shakti energy replaces that old water with sparkling, pure absolute totality. Simply, all the good stuff.

Practices like yoga, chi gong, TRE, alkaline breathing, and calisthenics allow the body’s natural intelligence to meet with the willpower of healthy intention, empowerment, and wellness. Naturally wanting to do these plus discipline is a sure fire way to gain perspective and improve your quality of life.

Support like massage, Reiki, Rolfing, Rebirthing, and acupressure are more of a passive way for the energy of a practitioner to give coherence to your relaxed body. The truth of wellness, perfection, and safety comes to your body in the sense of relief and growth you feel after a session.

Surrender meeting resistance is the nature of growth. This is the Tao according to ancient sages...

Out of the transformative Chrysalis; Be the monarch!

This way, or set of ways, are embodiment practices designed to give you 3 things: body-awareness in your immune and nervous systems (gut); a sense of heart-filled exuberance & passion (heart); finally, a mind-ful expression and observation self-realization (brain). When the mind and body are connected, this allows for a greater relaxation in everyday life. This includes during work, challenge, and chores as well as play, leisure, & vacation.

Relaxation is the default state of our bodies; we can even feel relaxed and loose and fluid while we work and feel stressed. Each ancient (and modern) practice is uniquely engineered to reaffirm that TRAUMA IS NOT TRUE! When we listen to ourselves and those who support our safety, security, betterment, and prosperity we begin to relax into a new paradigm and upgrade our DNA.

Trauma, anxiety, not feeling safe, feeling alone, worthless, and apathetic are signs of the human condition still clinging to the DNA structure. It is not our true template but is merely the blueprint we have chosen to believe. Instead of continuing to build this rickety structure, let’s throw away the blueprint written by lack-based, fear-based, separation-based mindsets! The foundation is YOU. In every moment you make the choice to reaffirm, realign, and re-acquiesce with GOD. We are, individually and collectively, one and the same with Source, God, or the Absolute.

That’s the golden rule in relation to interaction. The particle of innocence in self-realization, passion, and body-awareness is Sonder:

Everyone is going about their lives, doing the best they can, suffering and succeeding based on their circumstances as much as their chutzpah to blow past conditioning, upbringing, and adversity. Everyone is just like me, is the takeaway. We are one, infinite in might, worth, and power. Self-Realization is an old idea too. You know you are all-powerful, but the crux or issue is HOW?

The How-To is to have faith (mind) and practice embodiment practices (body) like those above, as well as those that make you feel good, get you out of your comfort zone, and allow you to be wild, freaky, and weird. Those systems stuck in our DNA do not like this, but we plod on and hope is all around us.

Kundalini and Shakti are not deities, or mystical, but just natural processes of this universe. And it’s your birthright to feel good. Surrendered faith and determined willpower are our keys to the door that is our future.

Having to do something, or understanding HOW, to do something feels old and stagnant. So, I wish to add a piece of advice. Imagine when you are most free and laugh the most, any time in your past or current life. And hold that feeling, always. It’s closer to your you then any old, stagnant ideal or feeling in this waking dream. When we wake up out of the nightmare of human condition, we begin to realize embodiment keeps us loving every minute of every day. Imagining this buoyancy and laughter in our cells pushes the gross, yucky feelings away. And temper tantrums, individually as well as collectively, will soon be a thing of the past.

I can sing to that!

Express Yo'self!


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