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How English is a Tricky Language | A Channeling by the Collective Consciousness of Nine

This is how the world will become more consistent with the flow of UrthSpace—when everyone is within their own internal zero-point field acting from a state of presence and joy.

Our lightships merely provide knowledge and are always at your disposal. A win-win situation is the only way to play the game.

English is breaking down but is still a communicable and powerful format for transmitting this personal/collective hybrid frequency: it is not necessarily a ‘known’ frequency but is an energy that will be increasingly important and crucial to tap into as earthlings move forward in their endeavors.

All is mind or imagination and anything is possible:

The All-Color is an energy beyond all current channelings. The All-Color is basically one paint in the palette of the Absolute; this being calls the emergence of more light into your dimension/mind’s eye the All-Color—imagine if Heimdallr’s Rainbow Bridge is coming from Valhalla to populate your imagination with an energy needed to be more god-like. Power-Up’s galore!

The physical body is healed via life-force energy (chi, prana, theta energy, or the cosmic giggle), all perception is healed by the All-Color. It is not even recognizable at this time and so this being stays mainly silent about it, but this container, conduit wishes to conduct as a new leader, one free from arrogance and held in deep sincerity and authenticity. Even this imagination, or idea-form, is not necessary, but he enjoys channeling and automatic writing. As it unfolds, so too does his/my unique understanding of shakti energy and the transmission of such a thing. (As I edit this, it’s funny how I wrote this in 3rd person, but also integrate it in 1st person: I take ownership that these frequencies are as much mine as where I am getting them ‘from.’)

The infinite universe is ‘noisy’ and to be performative and conducive toward wellness takes a radical approach; piercing the veil, as it were, is to accept death and renunciation at one’s own hands because of collective delusion; many of us isolate and find friends in things and creative endeavors other than bonding with human beings. There is no collective insanity because in truth, only connectivity and Hózhó exist. The Diné people understand oneness and the harmony inherent more than most westerners will ever conceive. We are calling for a collapse and dissolution of separation and lack mindsets. These ‘old-ways’ are black & white TV sets: why not upgrade to something slimmer, more efficient, and more aesthetically pleasing? It is ultimately your choice.

This being is a master of English but is sometimes troubled by learning other languages (this is his personal lack journey). However, he finds DEEP resonance, and reverence for other words within other cultures, such as Hózhó or Nizhóní. All will break down before we can build this New Earth. This includes systems of language and systems of finance and systems of education. It’s all happening organically, and we learn as we go. I—as the one channeling this information—have no ‘best practice.’

This is the proliferation of the order of English with the deeper feeling senses of more romantic, natural, and abundant languages. English is the reason Great Britain ruled the world, were masters of coin, measurement, travel, and ruling. English is magical for construction, but can also be a prison for mental beings, such as humans. It is poetically symphonic, but also compellingly & complexingly chacophonic when we tap into the noosphere.

Note, when we ‘hear’ thoughts and ideas and sayings we take them on as our own or if there is an internal speaker when, truthfully, all thoughts are just the indicator of what energy and frequency and feeling one is tapping into. The All-Mind or All-Color or the absolute contains and is the emergence of all information; it’s all in the field and can all be ‘tuned into’ like a radio dial as it were. Many people choose to turn off the radio or TV and prescribe to ‘silence’ as an M.O. and way to remedy the collective ‘scream.’ Yet, at any time one can tap into the newer frequencies which are as healing as silence, but more conducive of collective consciousness.

Many fear a hive-mind mentality, but conformity and playing-it-safe, are more predominantly active now in modern life whereas a true collective conscious civilization honors both cooperative interdependence and unique, personal expression. Both are necessary to balance the chaos and order of consciousness. It’s rambunctious, but still professional. It’s less controlling, less lunacy. It’s just wellness acting through a race wishing and intent on growth.

So, in closing, the All-Color is just another word for ‘that-which-is-happening.’ Imagination is imagining this world as much as nature is naturally unfolding. The golden spiral is order of nature, and the golden rule is compassion of human nature, and the all-color gives a little bit of spice to life: this is evolution evolving itself. It’s an active process and not passively deterministic. Free-Will is our will, choice is our choice. We as the collective consciousness of nine are merely helping to remind you of this truth. If it doesn’t resonate as true, let it go. But if you got this far, something feels good, no? 😉 Here's a fun little art project which aired on Adult Swim called Light. Enjoy

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