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Happy-Good-Fun-Times (for Everyone!) | The Lesson of Faith

As a wizard of words, I wish to bring to attention the ideology of faith and how everything is happening for a reason. This is old news, but what I wish to achieve today is a state change or broadcasting a newer perspective and breath of fresh air…

I am incomparable in my struggle for meaning. Meaning: I enjoy and am excited by my unique perspective and share this in good faith. I have felt the cold grip of death as well as the humid undulations of love. I only struggled and suffered when love ‘seemed’ to be out of my grasp. So, I became love and then it was never ‘out there.’

We are each perfect in our beauty and expression and unlimited power. We are mystics, and CEOs, and shapers of this smooth tangle of entwined bodies. We are each saints and makers of the new earth…

But we can also be jerks and knuckleheads sometimes. We fight what we think is not a part of us. This “us vs. them” mentality is a mindfuck. Since the beginning of days, we learned to mistrust outsiders; tribal wisdom is to not trust anyone we see as different.

This primordial struggle/war is held in our cells and genetic memory—we do not love that which we cannot resonate as.

I honor the tribe by feeling deeper: I see that collective trust and wellbeing are deeper than our DNA. Peace and equanimity are present no matter what. Joy and the incomparable essence of you are there for the taking.

The only outlier/pariah is the piece of us that we do not wish to confront or fully feel. As children we were not met in our invincible and infinite glory. The consequences were that we shrunk into the shell of our shared story. This story is continually unfolding…

Why are we stuck destroying this planet? Why are we in a loop hurting each other? Why are we in repeat doing the same tasks and obligations every day? Why do we read the same chapter repeatedly and expect something new?

The book is ever-evolving and expanding—and the climax is always rising—if we just relax, we will always discover something new in our shared story. I urge us to stop the compulsion to methodically dissect that which has already been hammered down. We get it already.

There is no them, only us. There are no fragments, just the pages of the book we have yet to read.

Read on and you will see more, clearly.

This is a transmission of wholeness. This is a passive project.

Yet, what actively led to this in me typing and forming these statements and inquiries and conversation is a simple or complex one, depending on your point-o-view. Here is my point of view:

Through my life experiences—and that which cannot be measured or ever relived—I have been given a gift. In other words, my accumulated perspectives on debilitating struggles & exorbitant successes are my message; my innate capacity for total realization and spontaneity are my megaphone. My audience is that which I am.

Those who choose to listen are completely in their sovereign right to do so or tune this out. It’s an exploration that I’ve taken to go under the radar: covert yoga, stealth embodiment, hidden out-in-the-openness, trial-and-error without judgment or mistake, eccentric humility. Point of view comes to those who are patient and practice faith. Ingenuity and cleverness and being a fucking weirdo helps as well. Lunacy and insanity only inform, but I suggest dropping them as true if we wish to get out of the loop of the human condition.

Unconditional love is a new point-o-view…

What I am seeing is the matrix; not as a physical and systemic control structure, but as something we do to ourselves every day; we keep ourselves shackled in the cave with our greatest human achievement: language. Language is our warden. Language is our sentence.

Language is the room we give intellectual discovery of our frontiers. Or it is the conditional byproduct of happenstance and proximity with fear. It is our control and how we exert “I shall not be abused” upon this world. But it can also be “I will abuse the world because I have a priority to my family and myself.” Either way, language is our limiter or our device for unlimiting our consciousness.

Language is our way of understanding one another on the outside; however, on the inside, is a proliferation of a spectrum of thoughts. The noosphere, or mind-sphere, or the field, is that which we take part in, and of, unintentionally. Our specific and focused intention, though, is what evolves the frequency and capability of what is possible. Anything can be achieved with the mind.

We discover prosperity when we breathe deep into our minds, into our hearts, into our viscera, into our souls, into another human being.

What follows is a restructuring towards full functionality. The brain is neuroplastic and can recover from any old woe, pain, or negative loop. We are infinitely cognitive of that which is in our best interest. However, when we give up our power to that which we ‘think’ is us, we become our own un-doer, controlled by other entity’s interests. Interest compounds and we must invest more and more in our own heart and soul, every day. This is faith. This is disavowing the corporate monopoly of mistrust and anti-cooperation. Interdependence is here and now.

So, how do we all do this? How do we perform this paradigm shift? Achieve this evolution of the mind? Realize this reacquaintance and remembrance of our ancestors? Relearn this beautification and embrace of the Earth? Embody the stillness apparent in our being?

We need to break from a 2 dimensional, black & white spectrum of grays; we need to tap into a more colorful array of possibility. This is simply done by choice: choosing your thoughts, choosing your felt sense (aka frequency) and choosing your environment. We need to clean up the old ways like a fresh wind or a biblical flood. I promise, no one will drown. Instead, we will all be satiated and forever satisfied.

How do we actively participate in cleansing our inner and outer worlds?

Many people use silence. But I would suggest that ‘non-language’ is a better synonym or equation for quieting the static and noise of this cosmic chaos.

Self-Inquiry and mindfulness are also beautiful tools, but again can be like looking at your hand under a microscope. Don’t you already know it like the back of your hand?

The only amazement can come when we turn the dial more subtly and look to the microscopic: why am I doing what I am doing? This question is not to be answered by reason or meaning or in relation to others. A better question would be: why is the universe conspiring to make me joyous? Suffering is out of the question when we are wild and free to try new pointers, to turn our dial to 11.

We preserve and see order clearly when we are radically not-in-negotiation with structure. We persevere when we see how healthy power is our birthright. How healthy creation is for our systems. Content creates contentment as I have been saying.

We are the extruders of creation and we use the mind to do so—heavily paraphrasing Jason Silva.

Language is our hammer: we are not the nail, and life is not the coffin.

Wonder. Amusement. Awe. Tenacity. Perseverance. Drive. These are all faith in action. Our participation is enacted when we hold these truths as Self-Evident.

These words are the water in a cup that will never fill or be empty. Feel these nouns of delicious capacity on your tongue and in your mind.

Further! Feel into why you use these words; what does ‘Wonder’ feel like as a thought or a word in your head? What does ‘Catastrophe’ feel like in comparison? Terror – Fulfillment? Circumscision – Massage? Trivial – Totality? Snarky – Snooky? Pride, Praise, Pursuit?

When we choose our thoughts, spoken words, and feeling states, then we are in a place of unlimited power, unlimited freedom, and unlimited joy, respectively. When we tap into the SACRED space, immensity, capacity, & immeasurable size of the universe then we can tap into restoration of the planet, resurrection of abundance principles, and regeneration of the cellular body. Like a fresh wind thru a dusty house, we are ripe for spring cleaning: the realization of embodiment at a physical individual limit—as well as an embodiment and responsibility of the ecosphere. There are no limits and we can embody all the way up to knowing and speaking from the imagination & mind; and acting and building from earthly and cosmic possibility.

The potential is here: we call this faith. Another way of saying it is believing in oneself.

Faith is not a doctrine; I am not speaking on religion’s behalf. I am merely speaking as a human having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being living a human exploration. Faith is believing that no structure, no man, no woman, no denomination, no boss, no outside force can control you—only your innate understanding, empowerment, and authentic way of dancing thru life control your destiny. Choosing what you put your support into is where faith and practicality meet. Here, the rubber meets the road. Our salvation is not religion or governmental because it is recognizing the only system that matters is the human body, as well as the earthly body, as well as the cosmic body, as well as the absolute body. We are all one creed at one party under one roof in one house—the color of LOVE.

Faith: it’s not about putting your blind ignorance into a god who will not answer. You are god as much as anyone, and we are a part of a greater god we call the absolute. Drop the words and simplicity is what is left.

Faith: It’s not trying to ‘get’ it or understand it or know more. The same can be said of the atomic universe. The scientific revolution is just another wheel. Again-and-again, we roll into the new era with just as much innovation as all that has been forgotten. We are trying to understand this universe to the degree of obsession.

We are obsessed with the past. So, our universe stays small and comfortable. We fear opening Pandora’s Box. What is out of the box already? These are the old paradigms: victim mindset, lack perspectives, avoidant and distractive dynamics of rivalry, manipulation, and abuse.

All gone. All a thing of the past. If we choose it, it is so. The future is now.

So, what is still in the box which only a few people over the eons have tapped into and abided by? Peace, Prosperity, Bliss, Joy, Gratitude, Sovereignty, Longevity, Kindness, Compassion, Equanimity, Magnanimity, to only name a few. Did I mention peace?

How do we feel into peace? And what are the actionable, practical steps that must replace the wishy-washy dreamy nature of humanity? We must reframe suffering.

The human condition. The struggle. The work. All synonyms for suffering. I have spoken on suffering and the (collective) choice to be miserable and small. I did it for 33 years and every single day I unlimit myself one more iota, one more thought, one more cellular memory. I am incomparable to anyone else. We are all unique.

Here’s my contribution: I do not suffer any longer. I still have shitty days, but I do not commit to suffering as an absolute. Incomparability is when we are unparalleled in our search for truth and wellness. Moreover, this transmission is one of wellness and uniqueness, evolution and success.

We can all tap into the manic overdrive of the insane genius mind; or we can dive deep into the forlorn fornication of fierce fiery fortitude. We are the labelers and transmogrifiers. We are the alchemists of the wordless and of The Word. We are the primal animal of the soil as well as the Cosmic Lord of Light.

In the middle is the heart. In the middle is balancing the Sage and the CEO, the beast and the computer. We have so many tools at our disposal and we pollute our minds and bodies and hearts. And Mother Nature…her heart is aching.

It’s simple: the heart of the matter is we need to step up and settle our old debts. We need to clean up this planet! The only means necessary are that we need to start by cleaning up our attitudes, our mindsphere, our words & actions.

An aside: why do these two things—our words & our actions—not sincerely match? This is a question I hope to have answered by the time you start and finish this post. It’s a turning point…

So, I reaffirm to have faith. Not as a possession, but as a remedy for feeling so heavy and dark and serious. Conversely, we are light, and light, and light. We can stretch and reach for the clouds. We are no longer passive and controlled by a god or source way up in the clouds somewhere. We are gods on earth, devoted to celebration, tribute, and cooperation. We are the source of meaning and interdependence.

(Until we wrangle and hogtie these old thoughts and replace them with heartier stock, we are forever going to be stuck eating our words and putting our feet in our mouth. We are cattle until we are not. Let these words be heard, herd. Be the cowpoke, not the one being poked. Why do you think cattle are sacred in India? Maybe that question is adding to the complexity of this message and not helping anyone. Perhaps I should omit it, but why’d it happen in the first place!? What would omission and deletion do to the psyche, to that which is trying to remain hidden? Is the ego the only one trying to waver?

The ego is merely the self-defense mechanism formed from so much abuse. All these questions have been asked and so here they shall remain. Take what resonates and leave what does not…)

It is mindboggling: don’t try to understand it all and you’ll count yourself lucky. Give yourself meaning, yes! But do not control the outcome, or manipulate life, in the hopes and pipedreams of trying to understand the un-understandable.

I repeat: find meaning by actively pursuing and creating meaning, but do no keep standing under the ladder of understanding; we are renovating and under the ladder someone is sure to get covered in paint. Be on the ladder. Up there, faith and resilience, drive and fortitude, restoration and regeneration, and the immortal caress of mother nature is on the horizon. They’ve always been available to us.

Be well and forge peace in your heart. Then be peaceful to one another. This is perfection, spoken in this unbalanced, imperfect way. Have a beautiful unfolding and thanks for tuning in and reassessing your choice of words.

Toodle Loo!

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