• Aedan Tanner

Golden Surfer | Poetry

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Sharing for the sake of spoken share. 🔆 Speaking for the sake of shared speaking. 🔊

Remembering those buried memories for the sake of unearthing that which I am no longer. 🗿 Placing treasures into my chest for the sake of a heart which ceases to beat closed any more. 💎

Building tribes upon tribes of worth in the clouds of my sky, in the hearth of my loins. 🎇 Tracing the wrinkles on skin of light to cherish the love of shadow so bright. 🔭

Speaking for the sake of dreaming, eyes fluttering in forget. 🔮 Sharing for the sake of presents under the tree of my night. 🎄

Speaking on tongues, tied in those codes of spirit, cloves of spices wide open. 🎉 Sharing on boards of crimson and azure, struck by thoughts so vast they could be said to be the wind. 🏄

Speaking in silent coils like snakes of cords of wood, whorls of drift, worlds of tried, true. 🐉 Sharing in spite of the pyre of human goo, the true you in eyes of nameless hue. 🗽

Speaking, sharing, nearing some end, death, as if the story was just about, you. 💌🔚🌋

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