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Updated: Aug 31, 2019


Thank you for tuning in. We'd like to speak of the energies of the past in order to secure your future right now. The time is now to swallow the darkness, not like a pill or a bitter truth, but as you do air. In and out as one magical creature of respiration, inspiration, transpiration.

If you feel safe in embodying Jesus, the Buddha, and Eve, but are afraid to embody Lucifer, Lilith, and Kali then you’re leaving yourself cold and stranded on a desert glacier in the middle of the frozen ocean of time. You’re burning in your own personal hell by not living in the moment. All parts of you are strewn thru time and space. Collect them in your heart and live from that chasm of love. It's like a game of collecting lines to a play and by becoming more in touch you can be more authentic, sincere, and compelling in your character. The whole universe is a stage!

The scene: Somewhere Far Far Away...

Odin pounds his staff on the granite floor to rouse his worried throng, Guan Yin’s sighs and quivers as her lotus opens to reveal a theatre of love. And Michael relaxes the protective grip on his sword to fully reveal platinum shrouded wings. We all have the wings to soar above our own world. But not in aloneness, in All One Ness. This is a dialogue, not a podium of only one. The time of the guru is coming to a close when you embrace your inner light & dark, merging as one.

And, scene!

Embrace us on this beautiful new earth now. Merge light and dark as one, throw it into a golden chalice and quaff that elixir down! Embrace the Allfather, Allmother, and every tricky son with schemes between his ears, every fickle daughter with thunder between her legs. Embrace us.

Saints sin. Sinners hold as much compassion if they choose. The golden rule is a diamond standard now. Shine by being fully you: Choice EMBODIED.

Choose to open the present beneath the tree…

We are the children of those gods and goddesses who fucked up as much as we do. Destruction and creation rest in the cradle of mistake—we are not going to be hung from a dead piece of wood anymore. Old story full of lame plot twists and blood vengeance and not paying taxes. In your blood now is the story YOU wish to tell. Be your own divine author.

Forgiveness is to welcome back all our old stories into the newness of the heart. Welcome to unfold how you choose to do so. That’s the caterpillar becoming cocoon becoming chrysalis becoming butterfly. That’s heaven. That’s alchemy. That’s transmutation. That’s the philosopher’s stone. That’s the holy grail—to drink from the hands of god: you.

We should be free to express ourselves with vigor, restorative glee, and the strength of Samson minus the silly handicap. Let your hair fall to the floor, grab on, and ride the dragon all the way to the top. Don’t ever cut yourself off, or let another person slice your life apart.

Our authentic power comes online as we shift, settle, surrender, and shimmy our way back into these bodies. Like a snake learning to put its skin back on, not because it’s cold, but because it loves every fiber of its being.

An image of the Emperor’s New Clothes comes to mind; naivety blooms into lost innocence returned by being confident for the sake of confidence and no other reason. We try to rush the process by letting others in the crowd boo us of the stage. Being free and sovereign is to allow your energy to be unfuckwithable. Isn’t that a beautiful word?

Patience is your key to a wider and more wonderful world. Not a patience as in doing things slower or waiting. Patience is the essence of the soul. Time only exists to dense creatures. In time all dies…

The soul & awareness does not die. They are inseparable with life. Gods and goddesses do not die, but merely pass into memory. Remembrance is our patient catharsis. We are the dog shaking. Our old habits that we wish to change are the cage, the leash, the fleas. Let the shaking happen. It will all be okay. Remember…

Here, we give pause to honor all those who have passed. And in that moment, catch the glitter of stars in the eyes of everyone breathing. Lifeforce energy is in every cell and vibrates with immortality. Breathe it into your lungs, into your blood, into your toes. Life & Death are just happening, and we can relax in the bosom of mother-god, Sophia who is dressed in the rainbow robes of a nebulous new day. She guides us into a happy life where worries are a thing of the past.

Let her daughter Aurora, cosmically reborn, guide you into a deeper communion with the diamond heart.


And I know I said be patient…But wake up. You are the universe: start ACTING like it. 😉


the universe ∞

P.S. The Primary Force is a channeling by Aedan Tanner: their 3-fold message is one of radiance, prosperity, & freedom. Please accept their service as a sign of humble hope that all is well. You are loved dear child.


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