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Broadcast Less, Feel More | How to Embody Masculinity & Captain Your Ship

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

They say "Less is more."

Wait, who says that? I've never heard that. That's a paradox.

Paradoxes are what religion, spirituality, and other wayward souls obsess themselves into a hole. "We are spiritual beings living a human experience, as has been said a million times before. I hate unoriginality, so let me breakdown those who don't act from their hearts.

Spiritual teachers are really good at using shame to get you into a corner of silence. Silence is beautiful, but we aren't children who'll get our knuckles rapped with a ruler by a lady in black. Be your own guru. Build your own world. Gurus imagine their own Shambala, worshiped and adored.

I say speak up when someone is keeping you silent. Silent meditation is only a tool. Be meditative as you curse someone out. Be present with the feeling state in every moment. It's okay to damn the world, it's okay because it's okay. Just make a habit of keeping it heartfelt. Otherwise it's just bickering and mean.

Within the playground of our hearts, we maximize clarity by being sincere: acting from a place of being honest with what we are feeling. No suppression, no repression. No more "I'm too much" or "I'm not enough." That's the old world rules. Break em.

Getting in touch with your feeling state to be mindful of what is occurring in the body. Feel tense, nervous, excited? Fearful, anxious, content, ecstatic? This tapping into the infinite world of emotions-felt (emoting without consciousness is just a temper tantrum waiting to happen). This is the magical world of masculine energy. Let it guide you as a vehicle to drive where you want in life. But we aren't driving far: we staying exactly where we are in the moment. That's the heart focus I speak of It's not running away to want to feel good. Femininity keeps us in touch with the magnitude of what we are. Simply, it's a state of being.

Note: to clarify, awareness is aware of what is being seen and felt and experienced. It's how it's even possible to perceive reality. It's not like using your eyeballs or ears to sense the world. It is like cutting a hole in a sheet of paper and looking thru: are you the observer or are you the hole being seen thru? That's metaphorical. All in all, awareness and mindfulness is not a tool. Awareness is merely all there is so it can't be used. Mindfulness is the practice and implementation of the truth of awareness learning and loving in every moment. Don't objectify the universe. Let it go, stop trying to USE everything!! (I joke because in the title I was gonna use USE but instead choose EMBODY instead.)

Now the fun part. The meat of the article. Masculinity made simple.

Next are the clarity maximizers: Tools and Principles

Tools: the first clarity maximizer are tools. Tools are thoughts. Simple. We act upon our world by the electricity that is thought. Tools are ways to tune into those frequencies we spoke of earlier. These create definition and are "the work." Don't get lost in the misery of work, up and down, light and dark, right and wrong. Loosen up and relax into tools as fun not as absolute necessity. Embodying tolls is when you use dichotomy or duality as your mistress. Here are the two types of tools:

Activators, starseeds, wayshowers, lightworkers, teach how to feel higher frequencies of light, love, joy, amazingness at just being you. This is light work.

Light work heightens connection and helps you see the shadow. Helps you love the dark we came from.

Sages, shamans, gurus, inner child facilitators, teach how to feel denser, stickier energies not wishing to be seen and felt, shame, guilt, anger, maddness, stuckness, sadness, terror, abuse, perpetration, rape, castration. This is shadow work.

Shadow work heightens the senses and helps you see the light. Helps you love your god consciousness.

Both types of work (tools) are crucial to embodying here on earth. Be a happier person, deal with your shit. It's not one of the other, otherwise it's hiding things that wish to be felt.

Principle: The second clarity maximizer is masculine energy as an acted principle. Not an acted thought (tool), but a spontaneous, authentic power. Simply, It's a doing without thought. It fills in the hole because it's awareness just acting without thought. Thought can be used against us if we let it. Choose your thoughts, but more importantly embody courage, freedom, abundance, pride, fierceness. This way we can support others in the heat of the moment.

This is the gut instinct whereas tools are the brain's genius.

Imagine a fireperson rushing into a burning building. There is fear, but the state of being is courage and connection to help another. The doing is the focusing on the feeling needed to act. Kicking the door in, running, avoiding flame, picking up the person, giving CPR are just happening.

How we perceive and act unconsciously everyday is the masculine unconsciousness: unconscious thoughts and unconscious doings. This is compulsion based on personal and societal habits. Do you rule the heart of your world or do you let others dictate your reality??

How we build space for others, how we discern what is loving and what is a game, how we show up, call out, become better, evolve and hold another is the masculine consciousness: choose your thoughts: choose your actions.

 "Anything else is just chatterbate." Wise words by my friend Jason King taken out of context.

Use tool & thoughts to build a deeper felt sense of you. Merge all that transpires and has yet to happen in the moment. Be spontaneous. The mind can command you, the gut can command you, the heart cannot. Other people can command you, Spiritual teachers can command you, the heart cannot. You don't command the heart. The heart is your space ship. Be the space ship!


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