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Brain Harmony | Healing the Nervous System and Reaching Heart Coherence

Humanity is experiencing a proliferation of awareness. Meaning, more and more people are practicing meditative habits which expands what awareness means and can do for each of us; the human faculty of using the senses to grow one's healthy response to an immediate environment is paired nicely with the naturally ingrained ideal for showing loving kindness; when taking these into account, this social and developmental awareness brings us more into peace & unity.

I took part in an online group last year. Nazarah Isaac, who is a healer and business developer, at that time was interested in teaching self realization. She held a challenge for herself called 99 Days of Self Realization wherein she went on live video for 99 consecutive days to speak on presence meanwhile helping others deepen into their practice. One main caveat I took away was her statement: "be awareness aware of Awareness." I am eternally grateful for such a simple and effective tool for detaching from the body. Her dedication and the intention of other wayshowers has made me who I am today as all "teachers" are integral to our lesson of Life. I am a perpetual student. I have found in my own practice that one must balance that Awareness which is far from physical, with the body, which goes by the term Embodiment.

We use our physical (gross) senses to be aware of that which we cannot sense with the body (subtleties) but may know at an instinctual level. Spirituality, generally, is knowing or feeling there is a bigger picture, but not necessarily needing scientific proof or a religion to dramatize such an experience.

Anyone who has experienced Self Realization (not as a goal or a status or any other hierarchical

symbology) knows we are all from source, of source, and by source; we are acting from and on source, inside and outside. Saying 'All is One' is a close approximation to the magnitude and simplicity that life is happening and we are here living life. Beingness, without any doingness, is another way to speak of it. Many masters use metaphors because our human (gross) constructs cannot comprehend the absolute (subtle) truth of wholeness. When we are inundated in the construct we are said to be in the matrix, and we search for awakening. But when awake (self-realization), we search for grounding (embodiment). And the unhealthy cycle continues. Yet, this is a feedback loop we CAN escape from, or rather, expand so that we are encompassing a larger swatch of reality. And, in a sense, we can always expand: there is no endgame, end-zone, end-point. Just a field to play in.

We are both aspect and continuum, we are both part and whole, we are both image and the imagineer, both the simulation and the simulacrum. Words, words, words. We are defined by what we call ourselves, but more importantly, the feeling or frequency these word imbue or musically make us; if we are just a series of whole notes, without diversity of verve, then we are stuck, stagnant, and unhealthy. This is disharmony and the root cause of not being a holistic being.

English is silly. It is all about construction, analysis, logic, simulation, and deriving truth. That's our

Germanic and even the Greek roots. This is the cold dead lifelessness of eternal void of supreme reality. It's not bad. Hell, we need to be rooted in how to survive using our higher brain functions; this is literally the point of evolution. Yet environment is crucial to determining the why.

English, and all of human cultural entrainment, is dominantly ensconced in the right brain.

Note: I will hereby say "dominant-brain-sided," because it is different for every person; those with a left hand dominance are reversed. All in all, what the predominant power in mental faculty is on the planet is what rules. Neither good nor bad. If everyone is screaming, only going to a quiet room can you tell the difference between the predominant principle of volume.

The dominant-brain-sided mentality (or tangible reality) that we live in is based on a past that was

steeped in bleak survival being shrouded by further and further advancements to improve comfort, yet still hiding the horror and dearth of our genetic roots.

So the predominant-brain-sided culture (the tool we use) is that of focus. Some call it masculine, but this misnomer ties into gender and sexuality and is a root of many miscommunication between our species. The favoring of a dominant-brain-sided paradigm while ignoring a more holistic view is what has lopsided us into confusion and violence, agitation and hierarchy, all the while we are experiencing rapid, rapid, rapid acceleration in the frontiers of technology and science.

Meditation is about slowing the mind and body so that many aspects of our past can catch up and we can heal, individually, socially, collectively, and look forward to a more harmonious shared future.

English, like I said is so practical it is silly, but it is so silly that we can practice the music of our souls

when attempting silence. Harmony comes to those who flit from right to left as easily as a frog from one lily pad to the next. The romantic roots of English are how we broach and breach the topic of abundance. And love. And fervor, passion, verve, momentum, vibe, jive, malarkey, dreams, and other ephemeral, wispy nothingness. If the dominant-sided-brain paradigm is all about everythingness: analyzing and understanding and breaking down for consumption. Then the docile side of the brain is about being consumed and being the morsel we can savor again and again and again.

A coin with only one side is no coin. When we relax what we call habits and let the physical brain heal (as inflammation lessens and we can cognitively function with increasing efficiency) we become super powered. Here (in a healthy, balanced brain), duality breaks down as we embrace our humanity and stop trying to disassociate from past traumas. When we make love to the world we are more whole. We are superheroes because we can respond to the past and future in the now, embodied in reality and not fantasy. Fantasy (imagination) is what is good to envision the future, or perceive the past, but the now is grounded in tangible events and more tangible results.

As you come into harmony with your nervous system, so too does the inhibition of the corpus callosum become less restrictive and more efficable for community and fellowship. These can only come about when we dissolve separation, yet have enough sense to clearly define our boundaries and values. A Bodhisattva is one who has no limit and takes on the pain of the world. A mystic is the one who dances crazily and cares not for any other soul, because they know they are still whole. Each of these beings is so realized it's funny, but each is lopsided. When we can be the one who would turn the other cheek as well as slap a bitch if it's best served, then all the better. We are full beings and the see-saw is becoming more balanced.

THIS is the middle path, right down the brain, into the heart. What is left is your choice. Have fun and explore however that appeals to you.

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