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A King Returns with A New Name

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Awareness is redemptively linked to the human experience. It is irreversibly tied to how we confidently carry ourselves as well as the type of shit we still embody.

A simple relaxation is the only restoration that counts, that serves us. In the undulating magic that is song and dance inside, we can match this with the outside world. And the world starts to dance and sing along with us.

Let your music out into the world! Its spontaneous. The current spiritual paradigm is all pause and dropping into silence and is not the lilting joy that meditation should be.

We are in constant meditative practice: as awareness we are sovereign. As a human, we are not…only because we hold old perspectives asking for light. And these perspectives can only relax and be let go of into presence. There is no absolution. There is no silent space of safety. There is no place out there like heaven as conventionally believed. Do you want to be in a conventional container or do you wish for praise in the light of glorious movement?

Trick question: let’s make the normal and average and conventional more freeing in the space of now. Let’s get up and groove and have no thoughts about it. Let us dance with us.

Thoughts are merely that fractured essence that escaped through the crown into some other realm. Bring your realm back to you. You are your heartrealm. You are your shit and fear dissolved. You are THAT WHICH IS, and no one can change your mind, but you.

Dropping is silly. Grounding is silly. Please, if it feels so kind, tune into leaning into the heartbeat of mother. Leaning into a loving embrace as opposed to being the parent dropping the child into the abyss. Be the innerchild that isn’t as big as the absolute.

Can you be okay with not being the largest thing in the world. This is coming back to Eden. This is paradise re-enthroned. This is heaven on earth. This is Newness Now. This is SPARTA!!!

By Leonidas Perriwinkle


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